Spiral Marketing: The More You Know, The More You Can Know

About Kevin Boulas

I didn’t invent the internet (I think that was Al Gore?), but I’ve been working with the world wide web as long as it has been on that hockey stick handle of growth.  With the rise of social media, the internet begins to fulfill the promise we saw in 1995 (about 10 years later than everyone thought it would heppen) – it’s been a fascinating evolution.   Given my focus on customer value management, these emerging technologies and business models hold particular promise, but also dangers for business: the ground rules are changing in how we attract, keep, and increase the value of a customer; if we don’t learn these new rules, we will be left behind.

In this new, emerging era of social involvement, all the rules seem to be changing – just when we thought we had figured out websites, email and ecommerce, our ability to “tell” people our story is flipped on its head, because everyone is telling their version of our story – good or bad, whether we like it or not.  How do we survive and thrive in an era where the locus of control of the marketing message has shifted, irretrievably, from the company to “me and my gang?” (Thanks, Rascal Flatts)

Just as every story has already been written, and history always repeats itself, the answer to this challenge lies not in some unimagined future, but in the past.  We hope to answer that riddle for you as we go along . . . 

I thought it was fun before, but this is looking like a hell of a ride!



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  1. Just read your article on Sbarro and your experience. I actually stumbled upon your blog when I typed “Is Sbarro good?” in Google and this was the first link I got. Good thing.
    I’ll also be reading the articles in the other categories. Being in Marketing myself your insights would help me in my profession.

    Comment by Vik — January 14, 2010 @ 7:09 pm | Reply

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